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Lake Como in Northern Italy has been a popular holiday resort for centuries. Ever since the Roman period, the beauty of the lake attracts noble families, artists, writers, celebrities and other holidaymakers. In spite of its popularity, the charming area remains a beacon of tranquility.

The origin of the lake dates back to 10,000 years ago. Its characteristic shape of an inverted Y was formed from the movement of a glacier. At some places, the lake can be as deep as 410 metres, which makes it the deepest lake in Europe. After the Romans had built the L’antica Strada Regina and the trade flourished around the area, the population grew extensively. Because of the booming business, the area has always been quite wealthy and could therefore develop into the favourite holiday resort for the nobility. The grand villas from the 18th and 19th century still remind us of the days when the Italian and European gentry visited lake Como during their “Grand Tour”.  Artists and writers were also impressed by the lake. Composer Verdi, Lord Byron and Mary Shelley among others were all inspired by its beauty.

The murder on the Italian dictator Mussolini, which took place in the little town of Mezzegra, casted a dark shadow on the area for some time, but nowadays, holidaymakers of all sorts have found their way back to the lake again. And we can tell you why!

The area is a treasure full of ancient hikes, which are doable in all seasons! Great highlights are, among others, the Roman roads L’antica Strada Regina and Alta Via del Lario. At the west side of the lake you can enjoy the wonderful hikes at Greenway del Lago which begins at Colonno and reaches Cadenabbia. And for the brave at heart, the Sacro monte di Ossuccio is a