The area of current Menaggio was conquered by the Romans in 196 BC. The Roman conquest culminated with the construction of a road called the via Regina

Menaggio was a walled city. Remnants of the wall are evident today.

Menaggio is the largest city near the apartment and also a public transport hub. Here you can take the ferry to Bellagio and Varenna or take bus 10 to Tremezinna. In town, you can shop for dinner or enjoy an evening on a terrace. The most beautiful place in Menaggio is without a doubt the promenade, where you can take beautiful walks along the lake shore. The Refugio is for hikers

You can also visit the beautiful Villa Mylius Vigoni, which was built by the German Lord Enrico Mylius, who was a good friend of the German writer Goethe. Today the villa is a center for Italian-German relations, but it is also open to tourists when accompanied by a guide.


Menaggio at night